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Latest news

Getting to grips with blockchain technology

Getting to grips with blockchain technology. In the June issue of R&S magazine, which Analytica produces for the British Association of Removers, our feature on blockchain, the technology behind the bitcoin currency and numerous innovations relating to recording data and transactions, set out the impacts it could have on the transport, logistics and property sectors.

Communicating upcoming changes in the payments market

Communicating upcoming changes in the payments market. We thoroughly enjoyed working with our client Worldline on a package of materials to present Worldline’s authoritative analysis on the future role of cash, cards and new forms of digital payment such as instant payments. The main publication, How will we pay?, considers the impact  of changes in regulation and technology disruption in the industry and aims to guide readers to the opportunities and solutions available to the financial services sector and merchants.


Investor reporting for a fintech leader

Worldline AR 2017

Analytica has completed copywriting and editing work the 2017 Annual Report for payments leader Worldline.

Worldline is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, with revenue of €1.6bn, offering next-generation, omnichannel, end-to-end solutions provide seamless transactions for Merchant Services, Financial Services and Mobility & e-Transactional Services.

Since completing this work, Analytica has worked on a range of other projects for Worldline, such as an industry briefing and presentation on the future of payments, and online blogs and web copy. Constantly innovating in the fintech sector, with the attitude of a young company which belies their 45 years’ experience, Worldline is an exciting company to work with.

To view the report, visit https://lemondechange.fr/worldline/

Blogs on the cutting edge

Analytica has been writing thought leadership blogs for its technology clients throughout 2018 – blockchain, automation, chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and fintech innovations all offer challenges to businesses that our clients are helping solve with innovative thinking and customer-centric solutions, all expressed in stimulating, clear and crisp communications.

Call us so we can help you communicate how your company is innovating and offering services and solutions fit for the digital age.

Investor reporting – telling a great story

Analytica has completed copywriting and editing work on the Annual Report 2017 and Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 for global digital services company, Atos.

This is the eighth year running that we have worked on investor documentation for Atos, a company that is a global leader in digital transformation with annual revenue of circa €13 billion and circa 100,000 employees serving a global client base in 73 countries. Dynamic and innovative in their approach, they are a great company to work with.

To view the reports, go to https://atos.net/content/dam/global/reports-2017/

Investor reporting for Atos

Take a look at the stunning mini-site created for the Atos 2016 Annual Report and 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report! Analytica worked on both reports which were prepared in print format for the Atos Annual General Meeting at the end of May.

New magazine format for UK Landlord

New magazine format for UK Landlord

Now in our 14th year of proudly working with the National Landlords Association on its member publications, the organisation’s bi-monthly magazine has had another design revamp to ensure property professionals can easily access key news and information to run their successful lettings businesses. To see the new magazine format and for more information about our client, The National Landlords Association, please see www.landlords.org.uk/support-advice/uk-landlord-magazine

Moving the President of the United States

Moving the President of the United States
In the March issue of R&S, Cadogan Tate recounts the story of what it was like to move outgoing President Barak Obama on incoming President Donald Trump’s inauguration day. The crew had a four-hour window to complete the job and there were some rather stringent “security measures” to navigate. To read the story and for more information about our client, The British Association of Removers, please see bar.co.uk/home/trade/rs-magazine/

Helping the new industry leader in sustainability

Following close support by Analytica in preparing the submission for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2016 for our client Atos, we are delighted that Atos SE has been crowned industry group leader, setting what the respected rating agency described as “a unique example in IT services & Internet Software and Services.”

Keeping it technical and relevant

Analytica’s work with trade associations means we need to understand and communicate often highly technical topics to our clients’ members. For example, the July/August 2016 issue of UK Landlord magazine, published by the National Landlords Association, provides a question and answer feature on how Client Money Protection works across the UK to protect private-sector landlords and tenants. At the same time, our expert writers tackled, amongst other topics, the latest rules on storing diesel safely on company premises for the August issue of R&S magazine, which is the UK’s leading industry publication for the relocation, removals and storage sector.