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History of removals and logistics graces coffee tables

History of removals and logistics graces coffee tables

When our client, the British Association of Removers (BAR), began life in 1900, horse-drawn wagons were the mainstay of road transport and an intercity home move took three days to complete. Around this time, a unique type of vehicle emerged to serve the demanding, personal and highly specialised task of removals: the pantechnicon. Over the last two centuries, from Dundee to Downing Street, the vehicle’s presence on Britain’s roads has come to symbolise new beginnings, as first documented by Pantechnicon – Analytica Media’s latest hardback, coffee-table publication. Illustrated throughout with captivating photography from across the centuries, Pantechnicon shines a light on an industry whose roots, culture and idiosyncrasies have made a unique contribution to the unfolding of British social history. As the sector’s leading trade association toasts its 120th anniversary this year, Pantechnicon looks back to celebrate a century of professional moving and forward to inspire the next generation of removals specialists.

To purchase the book, please contact please contact membershipservices@bar.co.uk

Atos commits to net-zero emissions by 2035

Atos commits to net-zero emissions by 2035

It’s great to see that our client Atos has announced today that it is aiming to produce net-zero carbon emissions by 2035 and will join the corporate movement to limit global temperature rises to 1.5oC. Find out more here. Analytica Media was extremely happy to help Atos prepare its second integrated report  as well as the supporting materials to communicate how Atos is pioneering efforts to combat climate change.

Worldline’s Integrated Report 2019 published

Worldline has released its Integrated Report for 2019, its second annual integrated report that presents a comprehensive overview of its financial and extra-financial performance.

As their CEO Gilles Grapinet says, “For Worldline, doing what is really good for the business and doing what is really good for society are two faces of the same coin, particularly in the business of payments which is deeply rooted in the very long term due to its intrinsic nature.”

This culture of responsibility and social commitment has been key to Worldline’s resilience during the current phase of the COVID-19 crisis.

Analytica Media wrote many of the texts, copyedited the final document and helped prepare supporting communications materials. The report design incorporates Worldline’s striking new brand which the company will use to communicate its role in shaping the future of payments.

To see the report visit https://reports.worldline.com/





Setting out a digital vision for ethics: a new global opinion paper from Atos

Setting out a digital vision for ethics: a new global opinion paper from Atos

We were delighted to work with Atos on the latest instalment in its Digital Vision series, which addresses the most important opportunities and challenges presented by digital technologies. This global opinion paper was copywritten by Analytica Media and sees Atos draw on the expertise of technology experts and industry leaders, as well as a philosopher, to outline an ethical approach to digital technologies that can benefit society as a whole. It is a thorough investigation into how adopting the right digital vision for ethics today can help ensure that digital transformation creates a better, fairer and safer world tomorrow. Read the paper here: https://atos.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/atos-digital-vision-ethics-opinion-paper.pdf


Forecasting the future of logistics in R&S magazine

Forecasting the future of logistics in R&S magazine

What are the environmental and financial benefits which might stem from connecting heavy goods vehicles within an automated, wireless platoon convoy? And how could the Internet of Things (IoT) transform fleets, warehouses and shipments into a network of smart nodes which intercommunicate to deliver optimally efficient logistics all by themselves? Our latest long-form feature articles in R&S magazine examine in-depth the key challenges facing the implementation of these emerging and potentially revolutionary technologies to determine whether they’re mere gimmicks or truly game-changing.


Maintaining sustainability leadership in IT Services

Congratulations to our client Atos who have been ranked by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) (World and Europe) as the worldwide leader in corporate sustainability for the IT Services sector for the second consecutive year. Analytica Media was delighted to have provided reviewing and copyediting support to Atos in demonstrating its strong environmental, economic and social performance in 2019.

For more information, see https://www.robecosam.com/csa/csa-resources/industry-leaders.html

R&S Twitter now live

We are delighted to have launched the Twitter account @RandSMag for R&S magazine which is published every month by the British Association of Removers.

Our editorial team has been running the magazine since 2011, compiling news and features on industry insights, best practice and policy developments in areas such as transport & logistics, employment, international trade, technology, health and safety, training and marketing. Check it out: www.twitter.com/randsmag

Worldline’s first Integrated Report

Check out the succinct video at https://reports.worldline.com/en/home.html that Worldline has produced to summarise their key sustainability achievements for 2018. We were very happy to support Worldline in preparing their first Integrated Report this year. As their CEO Gilles Grapinet says: “Sustainability is not something that we can treat apart in the payments business, which is so based on trust.” Analytica Media helped prepare many of the texts, copyedited the final document and the supporting communications materials.

Atos’ integrated report 2018: the future of technology in business

It was a great pleasure working with Atos again this year on their investor reporting. This year the global leader in digital transformation set us a new challenge: to prepare the texts for an integrated report providing a comprehensive overview of the financial and extra-financial performance of Atos in 2018. Atos was keen to communicate in the report the findings of its landmark publication, Journey 2022, which looks at the future of technology in business and calls on organisations to embrace a new model of Sustainable Digital Transformation and Corporate Digital Responsibility, placing human beings at its heart.

To view the report, please see https://atos.net/en/lp/integrated-report-2018

Hyperloop: more than a pipe dream?

Hyperloop: more than a pipe dream?

It’s worth keeping an eye out for developments in hyperloop, a transport mode that uses electrically propelled magnetically levitated pods within near-vacuum tubes to carry goods at speeds of up to 760 mph. Our article in the March issue of R&S magazine examines the significant challenges this technology faces when it comes to implementation and its viability for transporting passengers in the future.

R&S March 2019 Hyperloop