Addressing the Third Digital Revolution.

Addressing the Third Digital Revolution. 2014 was a ground-breaking year for global digital services leader, Atos, with key strategic acquisitions including Bull in Europe and an agreement to acquire Xerox ITO in the US. These developments, and many more, are reported in the Atos Annual Report 2014, due to be released in May, which was written and edited by Analytica. We have worked with Atos on its annual corporate reports since 2008, and the 2014 Annual Report looks at how Atos is addressing what its calls the Third Digital Revolution through advanced digital solutions to tackle economic growth and sustainability.

Environmental reporting recognition.

Environmental reporting recognition. Analytica took on a new challenge this year when we agreed to support our client, the Atos Group, in preparing its Corporate Responsibility Integrated Report 2014 so that it was in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Comprehensive option. The GRI has confirmed that Atos has successfully completed the GRI Content Index Service and we look forward to working on more of these types of environmental reports for our corporate clients.

Solar panels for profit.

The June issue of R&S looks at a company’s returns on investing in solar photovoltaic panels for two of their warehouses in Burton-on-Trent. Contrary to popular misconception, solar panels do not need direct, bright sunshine to work; they produce electricity even on relatively cloudy days. Furthermore, the cost of installation has fallen dramatically in recent years, and payback can often be achieved in well under ten years.